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Yes, Mr Hollande performed well, putting his opponent in the defensive most of the time,.... as Mr Sarkozy did successfully five years ago in a similar debate with Mrs Royal. Widespread doubts about Mr Hollande character and personality have disapeared as it seems. As put in the article, this certainly did not change the opinion of voters who had made up their mind a long time ago, but it may have influenced a small number of hesitant ones. History shows that the presidential race is a tight one, where every vote counts.

Democracy does not breathe often in France. The next presidential election will take place in five years only. Local elections do not have the lustre nor the dampening effect of , say, german regional states elections. This results in a rigid and systematic opposition to the ruling party in and out of the Parliament. It's a pity that right-left coalitions, for instance, are out of question in that country.



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