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Monks Ideas about Management                      

Cluny, a small town in quiet southern Burgundy, once   hosted an Abbey that outsized St Peter of Rome. The Cluny Order (910),   together with the Cistercian Order (1098) set up a network of hundreds   of monasteries throughout Europe.


These monks did not have any of today's   communication means, nor did they have internet. And yet they mastered the   continuous development of their subsidiaries network.  A key for this achievement was a set of management and organization principles, many of them -  eg auditing or delegation and control   balance - still have a place in modern management.


More than a thousand years later, business administration and management is being taught in numerous business schools throughout the world, some prestigious like Harvard or Insead. This raises the question of modern management. What do today's business schools  actually teach their students ? What are today's ideal organizations, what is efficient management and what is the best manager profile? 


The subject of Alain lemasson's book is to assess where we stand in these areas and to explore some of the variations on the theme of good management, from the model implemented by the burgundish monks to the examples of specific organizations, like the military world, the UNESCO organization or the catholic church.



Management and Organization

From Cluny to   Harvard

by Alain LEMASSON (to be published) 






























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